I was called to entrepreneurship at 12 years old after my mother walked me down to the local fish store in Floral Park, Long Island, where I got my first job.

Since then, I’ve been on an obsessive journey to put my calling in perspective.  It’s taken me on a very bumpy, but fulfilling road.

In 2009, I failed hard with my first start-up, neighborbee.  Invested a lot of my own savings that didn’t see a return and made a lot of rookie mistakes with strategy and execution.

Ultimately, my commitment was to the process.

That was my window to fail because I never could do that today as a responsible family man.  It not only helped me as an entrepreneur and my career, but also personally.

Failure led to my transformation to become a practical innovator that sticks to my strengths for entrepreneurial and intraprenurial endeavors.

It also led to my passions and 6 Guiding Principles.

I now look at failure different.  It represents ways that don’t work.

Find your passion and get behind it, because that will enable you to keep going and growing when the road gets bumpy.

Don’t let your dreams become a whisper when life takes over.

Growth is what makes you a Master of Your Craft.

The Journey is the Reward.